Yoshiharu Komori, Reprezentative director,
Chairman and CEO

Our concepts originate with user ideas, and our efforts are devoted to customer satisfaction. Since our establishment in 1923, Komori has adhered to our origins: manufacturing products of superior quality and reliability. We are known throughout the world as a manufacturer of printing machinery. We are not, however, satisfied with this level of achievement. To build on this success, we are delivering kando-generating products and services worldwide as a true global company, contributing culturally, socially and economically. This is Kando: Beyond Expectations - the standard by which we judge ourselves. We are continuing our pursuit of broadening the potential of printing for a future rich in printed communications. Komori respects people and has a strong focus on environmental conservation and corporate ethics. Our mission: to empower kando printing for people everywhere.

Name Komori Corporation
President and CEO  Yoshiharu Komori
Founded  20th October,1923
Capital  ¥37,714,780,000(as of March 31, 2008)
Annual Sales  
(consolidated)  ¥154,800M (Fiscal Year ended 2008, March 31 (consolidated))
Listings Tokyo Stock Exchanges & Osaka Securities Exchanges First Sections
Employees 2,506 (as of March 31, 2008, Consolidated)
Business lines Manufacture and sale of printing presses and printing equipmen
Main products  Commercial offset presses (offset sheetfed presses and offset web presses), currency and securities printing presses, web offset packaging presses, and printing equipment