HORIZON Collating towers

Collating towers with 6 and 10 bins

Refurbished and fully functional collating towers with 6 or 10 bins.

Used accessories for towers here.

All towers have been dismantled, cleaned, and all bearings, drive belts, and suction rotor rubber belts have been replaced. The towers have been adjusted and tested.

Refurbished parts for all towers: Bearings, belts, suction rotor rubber belts

Collating towers with 6 bins:

HORIZON VAC 60Ha year: 2011

HORIZON VAC 60Ha year: 2008

HORIZON VAC 60Hc year: 2013

HORIZON VAC 60Hc year: 2012

HORIZON VAC 60Hc year: 2007

Collating towers with 10 bins:

HORIZON VAC 100Ha year: 2008

HORIZON VAC 100Hm year: 2008

  • The machine has been technically inspected and refurbished.

  • Cleaning has been done.

  • The machine can be viewed in our showroom.

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