HORIZON accessories to binders

Gluing tanks and heaters/Lifter and trolley/Stackers/Conveyor belts/Stacking loader/Roller conveyor.

Used and functional gluing tanks and heaters, lifter and trolley, stackers, conveyor belts, stacking loader, and roller conveyor.

Gluing tanks and heaters for BQ-470/BQ-480:

HORIZON MU-470 PUR year: 2018

HORIZON M-470 glue BOX year: –

HORIZON M-470 glue BOX year: –

Nordson PUR – DuraPail 8072834, hose new 7.2m year: 2007

Meller B4 VS PUR for BQ-470, hose new 4.8m, only one year in operation year: 2011


Lifter and trolley for BQ-470:

HORIZON L-470 lifter +S-470 dolly year: 2009

HORIZON L-470 lifter +S-470 dolly year: 2016

HORIZON L-470 lifter +S-470 dolly year: 2010


Stacker for BQ-470:

SS-80 year: –

Conveyor belts for BQ-270:

HORIZON DV-270 year: –

HORIZON DV-270 year: –

Conveyor belts

CV8 L corner conveyor year: –

CV8-3 conveyor, 3m year: –

DC-1000 docking conveyor year: –


Accessories for CABS 4000:

HORIZON CS-17 stacking loader year: 2019

HORIZON RC-15 roller conveyor year: 2019

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  • Cleaning has been done.

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