HORIZON BQ 280 PUR yr. 2015

The refurbished single-clamp BQ-280PUR automated machine is equipped with a very intuitive color touch control panel, from which it is possible to set almost all machine functions. BQ-280PUR provides the perfect binder, especially durable glued joints. BQ-280 is ideal for the production of books in medium and small quantities, as well as for individual pieces.

Year: 2015

Counter: 673 000

Condition: Cleaned and refurbished

Refurbished parts: Knob, roughening cutter, ring, brushes, plug, wire brush, upper cutter, o ring, oil seal, bearing, belt, Plexiglass, sensor, PC board PCB QPW-799

Max. book size 320 (š) x 385 (d) mm
Min. book size 105 (š) x 135 (d) mm
Max. cover size 385 (š) x 660 (d) mm
Min. cover size 135 (š) x 225 (d) mm
Book thickness 1 – 51 mm
Speed of production 500 cycle/hour
  • The machine has been technically inspected and largely refurbished.

  • Cleaning has been done.

  • The machine can be viewed in our showroom.

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