The EF-354 folding machine is a robust device equipped with four buckles. Its compact design consists of a bottom-loading system with top-up capabilities, featuring self-adjusting folding rollers and a space-saving delivery stacker with variable speed control. The machine is mounted on casters, included as part of the standard equipment. This makes it ideal for applications such as direct mailing and brochure folding.

Cleaned high-speed 4 buckle folding machine with suction rotor feeding.

Year: –

Counter: –

Condition: Inspected and Cleaned


Max. sheet size 650 x 350 mm
Min. sheet size 70 x 55 mm
Sheet Weight Range 47-240 g/m²
Max. Pile height

Běžné archy: 40mm

Potažené: 20mm

Buckle Fold Length 40-350 mm
Speed of production 30 000 sheets/hour (A4 single fold)
  • The machine has been technically inspected and adjusted.

  • Cleaning was done.

  • The machine can be viewed at our showroom.

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