HORIZON HT-30 yr. 2005

Trimmer HT-30 set up simply through the touchscreen and placethe books on the feed table. Books are automatically transportedthrough the process for accurate, professional trimming. Suitable with nearline binding machine Horizon BQ-270V can produce complete books.

Year of product: 2005

Count of books: 1 530 000

Condition: Cleaned, check, fully funkcional and update software

Max. untrimmed book size 320 x 235 mm
Min. untrimmed book size 200 x 136 mm
Max. trimmed book size 305 x 230 mm
Min. trimmed book size 200 x 134 mm
Max. trim thickness 51 mm /  2″
Speed of production Max. 440 books per hour (Book Thickness 25 mm, 2 piled books)
Max.. 500 books per hour (Book Thickness 10 mm, 5 piled books)
  • The machine was technically inspected and adjusted.

  • Cleaning was done.

  • The machine can be viewed in our showroom.

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