HORIZON HT-80 yr. 2016

The HT-80 trimmer is very stable and can be used as a separate device, or integrated into a system solution with machines such as BQ-500, BQ-470, SB-07 or SB-09/s. The machine has a very short response and extremely easy operation thanks to the color touch screen. The HT-80 processes a wide range of formats and always clean and precise cuts.

The adjusted automated three knife trimmer Horizon HT-80 with possibility of docking conveyor DC1000S or SS-80.

Year: 2 016

Counter: 785 000

Condition: Cleaned and adjusted

Max. untrimmed book size 330 x 330 mm / 13” x 13”
Min. untrimmed book size 145 x 105 mm / 5.71” x 4.135”
Max. trimmed book size 300 x 300 mm
Min. trimmed book size 139 x 99 mm
Standard Size Trimmed* A5 / A4 / 8.5” x 5.5” / 11” x 8.5”
Trim Height 1 – 51 mm / 0.04″ – 2″
Pressure 4 kN – 8 kN
Speed of production 400 – 1000 cyklů/hod.

* by Standard Accessory

  • The machine has been technically checked and adjusted.

  • Cleaning was done.

  • The machine can be seen on our showroom.

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