HORIZON SB-09 PUR + HT-1000V 2019

The V2 SB-09V + HT-1000V production line represents an automated solution for a bookbinding production line for processing V2 perfect binding. The line consists of a variable nine-pocket SB-09V glue applicator, conveyor belts, barcode readers, the SS-110 stacking device, and the variable three-knife trimmer HT-1000V. The line is capable of processing book blocks according to the specifications listed below.

Year of installation: 2019

Counter of SB-09V: 4 445 000

Counter of HT-1000V: 1 646 000

Condition: As it is/ Ready to production



Basic Configuration SB-09V + HT-1000V

SB-09V PUR automatic variable nine-pocket book spine glue applicator

HT-1000V fully automatic variable three-knife trimmer

BBF-CV1 1m conveyor

BBF-SB book block feeder

S-09S automatic loader

BC-SB09 barcode reader

SB-09V automated nine-pocket book spine glue applicator (9 pockets)

MU-09 PUR PUR glue tank

LD-09T in-line conveyor unloader

RU-17 unit for rejecting defective books

BC-SS110 barcode reader

SS-110 stacking unit

CV8-3 3m conveyor (12m needed), 4x

BR-1000V barcode reader

HT-1000V variable, fully automatic three-knife trimmer

CVA-100 3m conveyor

  • Machine is ready to production

  • The machine is fully functional in the condition as it is.

  • The machine is not in our showroom.

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