MORGANA SpineMaster ASM 2x

square spine binders

Used two Morgana SpineMaster ASM square spine binders are specialized equipment in bookbinding and booklet making. It is designed to transform traditional stapled booklets into square spine booklets that look similar to hardcover books. This transformation not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of brochures, but also adds functionality and durability.

Key features and benefits of the Morgana SpineMaster ASM include:

Improved book look: SpineMaster gives booklets the look of hardcover books while maintaining the security of stapled binding. This dual advantage of aesthetics and durability makes this machine a popular choice in bookkeeping.

Redesigned spine design: Traditional booklet making can lead to “opening” of the spine, especially for thicker booklets. SpineMaster solves this problem by reshaping the spine into a square shape, which not only improves the appearance, but also ensures a longer lifespan of the booklet.

Convenience and efficiency: It is faster, more convenient and cheaper than hardcover. This efficiency makes this machine a practical choice for high volume production environments where both speed and quality are important.

Improved handling and storage: Square booklets created with SpineMaster are flat, making them easy to pack, stack, handle, move and store. This flatness also reduces the total volume of booklets by at least one third, which contributes to better handling and more efficient storage.

Flexibility in feeding options: The machine can be manually fed (offline) or connected to a sewing line (inline), providing flexibility based on the specific needs of the production facility. This adaptability makes it suitable for various types of bookbinding operations.

Additional functionality: SpineMaster allows printing on the spine of the booklet, which is not possible with traditional stapled booklets. This feature adds value by allowing for additional labeling or labeling on the spine of the booklet.


Velikost brožury 80 x 120 mm -250 x 350 mm
Tloušťka brožury 1-65 mm
Rychlost produkce

až 1750 brožur za hodinu (jednoduchý průchod)

až 1150 brožur za hodinu (dvojitý průchod)


  • The machine has been technically inspected.

  • Cleaning was done.

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