HORIZON StitchLiner 5500 yr. 2011

V konfiguraci HOF-400, ST-40, ACF-30, SPF-30, HTS-30.

The StitchLiner 5500 is designed for the production of brochures at a production speed of up to 5,500 brochures per hour. Control via a touchscreen with graphic symbols offers intuitive operation, and along with the machine’s automatic setup system that doesn’t require tools, it guarantees short setup times between orders. The StitchLiner 5500 represents a combination of high speed feeder for digital printing paper HOF-400 and a saddle stitcher with subsequent three-knife trimmer, allowing for processing a wide range of paper in a broad spectrum of combinations. Standardly, the system is equipped with a double-sheet detection system, staple control, and squareness control of the finished brochure, with the option of including equipment such as a split knife for two-up production (double speed), waste extraction, punching, additional Hohner 43/6S stitching heads in combinations of eyelet/classic, collator, pre-stacker, etc. Thanks to its modular composition, the line can be expanded at any time.

Year of installation: 2011

Count (StitchLiner 5500): 2 710 000

Count (HTS-30): 2 973 000

Condition: Cleaned/ Adjusted/Ready to production


  • The machine has been technically inspected.

  • Cleaning was done.

  • The machine can be seen on our showroom.

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